Thursday, October 18, 2012

Protect your King

In playing chess, the most important piece that you have is the king. The king is the life of your army even if it moves one step only at a time in any direction. When your opponent checkmates your king, the game is over. So, to avoid losing the game, you need to protect your king no matter what it takes. To protect your king, you need to build a good defense and at the same time, take an offense against your opponent.

One trick to build a good defense is put your both Knight at the center of the board so your Knight can defend 8 blocks, otherwise, if your both knight were placed on both side of the board, your knight can defend only 4 blocks. Another trick to maintain your defense strong is to keep your pieces supporting each other, and don't make a "double pawn" structure until you make a good defense. If you keep your king protected, then your enemy cannot defeat you easily.
-simple tricks in playing chess

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take advantage when you trade pieces

When you are playing chess and you trade your pieces with your opponent, be sure that you take stronger piece than the piece that you will trade, for example you trade your Bishop and Knight (bishop and knight has 3 points) with his Rook (rook has 5 points), although you trade one rook in two pieces, obviously you lose your opportunity to take advantage in trading pieces. Another important thing is you can trade your piece if the result of trading is good for your plan or tricks and can trap your opponent. Don't trade pieces if you are in control of the game until it gives you a clear advantage in trading pieces and trap your opponent, so you must be able to take advantage to win the game. Don't trade pieces if there is less space to move over, it is much better for you to weaken his pawn structure by giving him a double pawn structure.
-simple tricks in playing chess

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep focus on the time

simple tricks in playing chess clock
The time was really important in chess game, because if you can control the time better than your opponent the more pressure will take on your opponent's move. Therefore, he cannot think good strategies and tricks because he is already interrupted. To control the time you have to think faster than your opponent then you will also control the game.
-simple tricks in playing chess

Monday, October 1, 2012

some tips for you to win the game

You can try and learn from this basic tips to make tricks when playing chess, now let's take a look from few tips that will guide you to win the game.
1.) Be alert on your opponent's move.
2.) Always have a plan to defeat your opponent.
3.) Know what is the best pieces worth.
4.) Focus on what's your opponent's move.
5.) Develop a plan quickly.
6.) Think on how you will end the game.
7.) Don't make your plan visible or easy to track by your opponent.
8.) Try to reveal your opponent's plan so that you can avoid his trap.
9.) Keep your King protected by your chessmen.
10.) Always have a plan B.
11.) Always focus on the situation

try to defeat your opponent in 4 moves

Before we start, lets consider that your chess army is white to do this trick. first, move your Pawn to open from E2 to E3 or E4(look at the chess board in the left side), then if your opponent was done on his first turn to move, then move out your Bishop from F1 to C4, so you will target his Pawn which is placed in F7, if your opponent does not notice your strategy after your turn, just try to continue it, next move is your Queen from D1 to F3, so your Queen was also pointed to his Pawn placed in F7, this is the most critical situation in this strategy because your strategy was became visible and easy to notice by your opponent, after your opponent's turn and if he does not make any move against your strategy, finish him by moving your Queen in his Pawn placed in F7, but before you make this final move make sure that your Bishop is supporting your Queen, otherwise your strategy is useless.